Don’t Go!

She didn’t know that the events of the day would turn this way
It is a cruel mistake of life is what they all say
The morning was chirpy and the noon was bright
However, her world crashed with the fading light

She could hear the cries of all
But all her attention was on the man in the hall
Lifeless and boxed, he lay in the middle
How her life changed in a matter of few hours was still a riddle

Reassurances her relatives gave
Asking her to stay brave
All hugged her to make her feel right
But the hands which she wanted around her, were caged tight

Looking dazed, she was a complete wreck
All she needed was his quick little peck
Assuring her all this is a bad dream
And that theirs is an unbreakable team

And then she realised, this is the only chance
For her to give him the last loving glance
Sitting next to his cold body, in a tone that was sad
She whispered and cried, “Don’t go away, Dad!”


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