Love Thy Self


Different people have disparate perceptions about this emotion. A lot of people, whom I know, believe in the filmy fairy-tale kind of love and there are also few who correlate this emotion to pain and hurt. For me, both these opinions are too extreme. For me, love is a beautiful experience. It is like a school that teaches you multiple facets of life like trust, companionship and understanding; better than anyone else in the world.

Love, as an emotion is very strong and pure. A relationship filled with love acts like a blanket of care and concern. It is said that true love can either make or break a person. This is probably the reason why many people tend to change themselves in order to keep their love closer to them, without being judged. This is the case for every other bonding that has the essence of love, especially the one with a romantic angle.

Last night, I was reading Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts when these lines caught my attention.

Shantaram – Karla to Gregory David Roberts

These lines were etched in my mind all night. While in the first instance one will chide away the lines thinking it to be regressive, the fact is that the lines hold importance even today. Sometimes we are so deep-necked in love, that we do not realise what we are doing to ourselves. In an attempt to keep the other person happy and to maintain a healthy relation, we tend to ignore our desires and let the other person and his wishes guide our life. Individuality goes for a toss and what is left is a mere compromise. This is not love. This is ADJUSTMENT. And one cannot live a life full of façade love and adjustments.

It becomes very simple to lose your true self when in love. This can be because of fear of losing your loved one or it becomes simple for you to mould the way he/she wants you to be, rather than putting up a fight each day or maybe because you have been taught to respect and live up to your partners’ expectations. If two people are in a relationship both their wishes and thought-process should be respected; instead of making it a one-sided affair.

You guys can be together without living in each others’ pockets. It is important that you have a life of your own. If you like something, go ahead and try it. Come back and share the story with your partner. Don’t let go of you wishes because someone whom you love doesn’t enjoy it. It is not necessary that you spend every waking hour together trying to create memories of love. What is important is that the reminisces of your time together is enough to crackle a smile on your face or to send chills down your spine!

Give each other space and respect the other person’s choices. Take time out and meet your friends or pursue your passion. It is essential that you value yourself and your principles. More than loving anyone else, it is important that you love your own self! You should top the list of your favorite people in the world. This is not being selfish, but cherishing your own existence.

Falling in love is easy. What is important is to rise in love as a stronger and independent individual!


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