Men more prone to online risk than women

While the country is moving to be Digital India, the online space comes with its own sets of concerns. According to a recent study released by Microsoft, there is a growing concern over cyber bullying, online harassment and revenge porn all over the globe. While most people consider the internet to be a civil place, they are also wary about their safety.


The study conducted through Digital Civility Index (DCI) is a part of Microsoft’s commitment to raise awareness on the need for digital civility and safety across 14 countries. The study measured consumer’s online risks across four categories i.e behavioral, intrusive, sexual and reputational.


The DCI data shows that 77 percent of Indians reported behavioral concerns like trolling, sexual solicitation and revenge porn.

When it comes to gender, surprisingly males in India reported more risks across various categories when compared to the females. While men reported a 64% chance of facing an online risk, the women stood at 61%. While the men are more susceptible to the sexual risks, women often fall prey to the intrusive risks. As a result, they are the majority victims of unwanted contact and trolling. On the other hand, the men are more than often, subjected to sexual solicitation, sexting and cyber bullying.

The study also suggests that the youth are more capable of handling uncivil behavior than the adults. The less mature online markets are more at risk to the online threats but they are better prepared too. Sexual risks were highest in Mexico whereas Russia and Africa ran high on behavioral risk. China and India are the only two countries that had positive safety trends. Unwanted contact was a universal risk.



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