Maharashtra grabs the top spot in adoptions

Continuing the trend of past three years, Maharashtra has yet again grabbed the lead spot in inter-country adoptions. It is 20% ahead of other states in the race. Eleven states have more than 100 adoptions in the country with Karnataka taking the second slot with 200 adoptions in April’16 to March 2017. According to the data released by CARA, Bihar has also shown a considerable growth in terms of adoption.

(The data released by the Minsitry did not include Jammu and Kashmir, Lakshwadeep, Dadra and Nagra Haveli and Sikkim. Hence, the map does not show them. Also, Telengana is not shown because the shape file is before the creation of the state.)

When it comes to inter-country adoptions, USA makes the mark with 156 adoptions. It alone accounts for more than 1/3rd of international adoptions that take place in the country. It is followed by Italy, Spain and UAE. A total of 35 countries have adopted children from India.

However, this does not deny that the rate of adoption is on a continuous decline. From 3011 domestic adoptions to 666 international adoptions last year, the number has declined to 2717 intra-country and 528 inter-country adoptions. In-fact, the government figures also suggest that the rate is down by 50 percent in the last 7 years.

While sex selection is considered to be illegal in pregnancy, when signing up for adoption the parents are given a choice to list a preference for either a girl or boy. Considering the deep infused patriarchy in the country, many would assume that boys are adopted in number. However, government figures have a different story to tell. According to this, a girl child is more readily embraced that their counterpart. Between April ’16 to March ’17, 1591 girls were adopted when compared to 1126 boys.


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