Recent Seperatist Movements that Shook the world

Separatist movement are often referred as conflicts for greater autonomy or recognition. This is a list of few movements that were active and were discussed until October 2016.


Time to Put Away the Scissors

Censor Board has never shied away from grabbing the headlines. However, this time I hope that this discussion results into a positive change in the industry and that truth and realism is allowed to be projected on the celluloid without any cuts.

Love Thy Self

I have had many friends who have changed themselves just for the person they love. While, this is a personal choice; I am someone who does not support this. I believe each person is a unique soul and any attempts to change him/her shall leave permanent scars on the soul!

Don’t Go!

I am glad that my first poem is my first blog post. This is from a personal experience of looking at my friend trying hard to stay strong after her father passed away on 8th July, 2015. Uncle you shall always be in our memories. RIP!